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CNC Machine Mazak INTEGREX-i100ST
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The Mazak INTEGREX-i100ST CNC machine provides maximum versatility and throughput for smaller complex parts. This machine combines the ability of a high-strength round center and a full function machining center to produce components in one setting. This tool configuration features a second swivel spindle (S) for DONE IN ONE® machining and a lower turret (T) - minimizing equipment, equipment, handling, and non-cutting time.

In addition, this machine carries a dramatic reduction in time-lead and improves section accuracy through removal of several settings. With full 5-axis capability, the machine easily processes the prism parts completely from blocks or solid castings (feed or feed jobs), rounded parts, or sculpted components such as aerospace components.

Milling spindle travel: -30 ~ 210 degrees (.0001 degree min index angle)
Optional 20k RPM (7.5 HP) milling spindle available
Full C-axis contouring (.0001 degree minimum index)
Productive second turning spindle for Done-In-One part processing
Added lower turret for machining at either main or second turning spindle
Available spindle connections (KM63 / CAPTO C6 / HSK A63)
36-tool ATC standard (HSK A63) - 72 tool option available

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