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About Us

PT. Metalindo Presisi Inti (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

PT. Presisi Metalindo Inti was built in 2018 by a sales engineer experienced in machinery tools for over 15 years in the machining process, also supported by civil and mechanical engineers for machining service and application engineer training for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, sheet metal-cutting machines and forming, CAD/CAM and reverse engineering software and equipment. PT PMI also has a strong relationship with the Mechanical Department of Politeknik Bandung (Polban) and Akademi Teknik Manufaktur Indonesia Surakarta (ADMI), which have successfully assisted several manufacturing companies in Indonesia in transferring their manufacturing processes from Germany or Japan to be manufactured in Indonesia with limited economic costs and resources.

PT. PMI logo is “Red Cross inside gear”, which helps customer to create their own limited sourcing manufacturing process from concept design, material sourcing and handling, machining processes, quality inspection procedures, making local equipment as jig fixtures for inspection and Quality Control (QC) assistance to construct: factory building machinery construction design, customs machine layout and production process layout.


Jl. Wiguna Selatan 6/26, Gunung Anyar Surabaya 15317
Jawa Timur , Indonesia


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